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Smooth and silky skin? Believe it or not, it's possible… and our waxing specialists are here to the rescue. At About Face, we proudly offer a wide range of waxing and hair removal services to remove that pesky, unwanted hair with techniques designed to accent your natural beauty. Experience the smooth skin you've always wanted by scheduling your waxing appointment today.

Brow Shaping           $35
Lip or Brow   $15
Both Lip & Brow   $20
Lips, Cheek & Chin   $30
Face   $25
Nose or Ears   $15
Underarm   $25
Arms   $25
Upper or Lower Leg   $25
Upper Leg with Bikini Line   $50
Full Leg with Bikini Line   $75 & up
Bikini Line   $25 & up
Brazilian Wax   $85 & up
Back & Chest   $55 & up

*One week of growth is required before any treatment.